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Luck in Favor of Thunder Against Mavericks posted on 02/26/2009
Oklahoma City's next game is against I-35 "rival" the Dallas Mavericks. The 34-23 Mavericks would normally look like a tall order for the 13-44 Thunder, but a strange pattern has emerged for the Mavericks this season. Whenever the team wins by a huge margin, the very next game they would lose. The Mavericks' last game was against the Milwaukee Bucks, and the Mavs won 116-96. So while it isn't a sure fired win for the Thunder, they at least have luck on their side Friday night.

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Old School/New School Clash & The Future of the Thunder posted on 02/25/2009

 On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers played the Oklahoma City Thunder. Despite what the final score suggests, the game was actually pretty close down the stretch. One of the best players in the NBA today, Kobe Bryant went toe-to-toe with Kevin Durant, one of the nation's rising young stars. Durant is in hot pursuit of the record for most 30+ point games by a player before hitting the age of 21. The current holder of this title? A little known guy by the name of LeBron James.

 Currently Durant is one of the league's top five scorers in the nation, and on Tuesday all five of them were in action, yet Durant is the only one to be on the losing side that night. Ever since the Thunder lost to the Lakers earlier in 2009, they have been in a slump and have yet to recapture the energy they had after they beat Golden State on New Year's Eve.

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